Who are we?

 We are here to give you a hand

Gift Match solves a common problem:

What to give as a gift when it is necessary to give a present to someone?

We always want to be different and successful, however, most of the times, we are busy or we are not creative enough to find out what the person would love to receive. We are here to make your life easier: Gift Match gives you a range of gift ideas based on different personalities, tastes and hobbies.

It is super super easy: go on our products page, click on the picture that describes best the receipt and a range of gifts idea will be shown.            Choose the one you prefer and done! Gift Match!

 Gift Match wants to keep people connected: we do not want to mean you can exchange affection or love by material things, however, once you had a careful thought imagining what this person would like to receive, it does mean you really care about this person.
We true believe in Gift Match: it is made with love.


The human being behind Gift Match

Nice to meet you!

Lets make the world shine?

I have a mission! I want to make the world shine! I want to see people happy!

I want to create inner-happiness and help the world become a better place to be. 

I do believe we are so powerful and we can highly impact the life of the others and this is the best thing you can do to yourself, because, for me, everything we send we get back. I want to send happiness and I am working on it 24X7. 

I have always been the one who likes to help people and, a situation that happened many times, was helping my friends find gifts that their loved ones would love to receive...I have always nailed it! 

I choose personally every product at Gift Match and I really care about make sure the person is going to love it.

I want to see a big smile in every person who receive a Gift Match.

Doing that, we all make the world shine!

Mission accomplished!

Are you with me?

Graciela Sandoval